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Background Information

WGRW "Grace Radio" 90.7FM is a ministry of Word Works, Inc.; a non-profit corporation committed to Biblical media and ministries. After beginning engineering work in 1993, WGRW was granted a construction permit from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in September of 1996, and received its license in June of 1999. We are licensed by the FCC as a non-commercial educational station that is prohibited from advertising. Furthermore, our corporate by-laws and IRS regulations as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt entity prohibit us from making a profit or benefiting our directors. Therefore, we are purely a Christian ministry that exists and functions for charitable and benevolent purposes only. We are totally dependent upon the gracious support and contributions of those whom God leads to join with us in this ministry.

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Philosophy and Policy

We simply believe the Bible to be God’s Word for man! It contains His special revelation of Who He is and His plan for us. It reveals the supreme revelation of God, Jesus Christ, as God the Son and the Son of Man. Therefore, all that we do must be for Christ and His glory. We must proclaim and present His truth as applicable to all men for all things. Understanding and believing God’s Word as the only absolute truth and solution renews the mind and transforms believers into mature disciples. We feel that the "Great Commission" is also the "great omission" of the American church today. "Making disciples" is often substituted with only "getting decisions," whether real or not, by any method possible. Therefore, all that God has given us stewardship over, time, energy, resources, prayer, are committed to our goal to help us all grow into members of His body that are worthy of our calling.
We will not substitute entertainment for edification, nor that which is popular for that which is purposeful, just to be successful in worldly terms. Although we recognize that many matters of "taste" may require flexibility, any matter of absolute "truth" must be non-negotiable and rigid. We will endeavor to broadcast those things that challenge believers to think, to know what they believe and why. We will encourage believers to know the Christ of the Bible in real relationship, not "religion," and to make Him known through real discipleship, not just a "decision." 
Furthermore, we will not engage in fund raising techniques that offend God, His name, or His people. We will operate as a "grace" ministry, providing services to anyone in need of them regardless of their ability to pay for them or of their capability to support the ministry.

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